Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

The Lockbox (Part 4 of 4)


Kai Wyn is speechless with rage as he watches Bucky smash the sacred Kai-Laek relic and the just walk away as if he had done nothing. His followers want vengeance here and now and prepare to attack, but Kai Wyn recovers his composure and tells them to wait, here is too public the attack will be a futile gesture even though they outnumber the group many times over. So, he sends four man off to discover and follow the buyer, clearly he is the one behind the theft and they will deal with him first. Bucky and his friends can wait for now, when they think they are safe will be the time to strike, no matter where they go Kai Wyn promises they will have their revenge.

Later that day, back at the hotel the group are pleased to find that Wilhelm has returned. He is pleased that Oliver got a good price for the cargo and the new cargo is being loaded overnight, so they should be able to get off Treece in the morning. When he hears about all that has gone on in his absence, he is a little shocked but hopes that the group are OK, though next time to maybe try to research things a bit better before ending up in tough spots. Bucky sullenly heads off to the computer and tries to look up the Kai-Laek, sure enough there is a picture of an urn that looks just like the one they had, the article goes on to state that the Kai-Laek take extreme measures against anyone not of their religion who even looks upon a sacred relic. Bucky realises that they might not have heard the last from Kai Wyn.

The next morning the Aurora lifts off and Wilhelm says that they will be heading deep into the Rhylanor subsector to do his audit, he says that hopefully Bucky will be able to find some more clues to decypher the puzzle of Twilight’s Peak as well as earning a bit of money with Oliver buying and selling some cargoes along the way.

The first stop is at Kinorb, while Wilhelm conducts his survey the group are free to wander around the starport for a week. Bucky finds no information on the Gyro Cadiz convoy, but Oliver finds a vendor who has some coynes similar to the one they found in the Pyramid on Yorbund, though the merchant says these are of Aslan origin and made of gold. Oliver buys the six the merchant has available but later discovers that they are just made of aluminium which has then been painted gold. The next stop is Fulacin, the world is run by an Imperial Megacorporation and there is no information available on the convoy.

After Fulacin the scout heads to Jae Tellona, Belizo, Bevey, Cipatwe before finally ending up at Vanejen. Bucky has so far discovered nothing that could help him in his quest, but as Wilhelm points out Vanejen is where the convoy started from so there could be more information here. It has taken them 14 weeks to get here since leaving Treece and the group look ragged, especially Wilhelm. So Wilhelm tells the group that they are going to have some rest here for a bit, he has paid the berthing fees for three weeks which will give them all ample time to recharge their batteries. Oliver quickly does the accounts from their trading and announces that so far they have made a profit of about Cr 72,000, after taking off his broker fees of Cr 12,000, so they can all enjoy themselves for a while.



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