Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

The Lockbox (Part 2 of 4)

Session #1b

Day 2

The next morning the group begin to look through the papers in Grey’s box. The first thing Oliver checks are the bank statements and is disappointed to find there is only a couple of hundred credits in Greys account, though there is evidence of Gamega paying Grey Cr 5000 several times in the past. The other papers detail several jobs that Grey had done for Gamega and the items he had subsequently sold to him, the last job seemed to be on the obscure planet of Otrai.

After studying the papers the group decide that they need to find out what Grey has stored in the lockbox. They head down to the starport and find the lockbox, inside they find an attache case. With Oliver, Tommy and Vann keeping watch Bucky opens the case carefully. The case is heavily padded but sat in the middle of it is an ornate, inscribed urn, after showing it to the others he replaces it and closes the case. Not wanting to risk leaving the case in the lockbox they decide to return to the hotel with it, following them at a discrete distance are four shadowy figures.

A couple of hours later there is a knock at their hotel room door, Tommy cautiously looks through the peephole and sees a well dressed man smiling back at him. While Tommy is engaged in a conversation through the closed door, Bucky draws his dagger and stands to one side of the door, Oliver calls reception and demands that security comes to the room quickly while Vann stands around looking menacing. As the conversation through the door continues, Oliver decides that security is taking far too long to get there, so he opens the window and jumps out. Fortunately, they are on the ground floor of the hotel, so the fall is not too great. He immediately begins to run to reception, to berate the staff for allowing people to come to their room without announcing them first!

Meanwhile, back at the door Tommy decides to open the door to the man and his three companions. When they are in the room, the well dressed man introduces himself as Kai Wyn and says that he would like his property back. He says that he knows that the group have the contents of the lockbox and that the late Mr Grey stole the item from him on Otrai. Tommy remains non-committal on the subject of the urn, not wanting to give anything away or to give Kai Wyn any excuse to do anything drastic. Bucky stands in the corner of the room thinking how best to stab the newcomers, while Vann waits on the other side of the room waiting to see what develops. The situation continues for another five minutes until a couple of hotel security guards arrive at the room. As soon as the guards enter the room Bucky starts shouting about how Kai Wyn and his companions are threatening and harassing the group, though the only weapon visible is the one in Bucky’s hand. Kai Wyn smiles and allows himself and his group to be escorted from the room, though he does turn and say that he hopes the group will consider his offer and do the right thing.

Day 3

The following morning the hotel receptionist contacts the group and says that a gentleman wishes to speak to Bucky. When Bucky accepts the call he finds himself looking into the smiling face of Kai Wyn, who apologises for the incident the previous day and says that he made a mistake in just turning up at their room. So, he suggests that just he and Bucky meet face to face in the lobby of the hotel.

The meeting with Kai Wyn is an awkward one, to say the least. Kai Wyn insists that Bucky, and the group, should do the right thing and return the urn to himself, the rightful owner, while Bucky tells Kai Wyn to prove that he is the owner. During the conversation Bucky confirms to Kai Wyn that the group have physically seen the urn and examined it. Even though he hides it well, this news saddens Kai Wyn as he knows things can only end one way now. Realizing that with Bucky in such a belligerent mood that further discussions are going to be fruitless, so Kai Wyn expresses his sorrow that they cannot come to terms but he does leave a communicator code in case the group change their minds about his offer.

When Bucky gets back to the room his version of the meeting is rather different to what actually happened. He says how Kai Wyn was hostile and threatening towards the group and refused to pay the group for the urn. This version of the meeting disturbs Oliver deeply, so he heads off to find some underworld contacts who might be able to sell him some guns for the group, despite knowing they are illegal on Treece. Unfortunately, he ends up making contact with an undercover police officer and is promptly arrested and put in gaol.

That night Kai Wyn is contemplating what to do next. He could take direct action against the group, after all they have seen the urn (by Buckys admission) and the penalty for that is death. But, killing the group would be messy, especially so soon after the death of Mr Grey. An alternative would be to approach the authorities and enlist their help. Proving that he is the rightful owner of the urn is simple enough, and getting it off the group will be simple especially if he shows the connection to the late Mr Grey, after all they had his locker key, they broke into his apartment after his death and many people saw them in the bar together. It would be so easy to link them to his murder. Finally, he decides to be fair and to give the group two more days to do the right thing, after that he will let the authorities know of the situation.



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