Vann Colt


CB8B55, Marines, seven terms. Enlisted in Infantry.
Special Assignments: Officer Candidate School, Staff College.
Awards and Decorations: 5 x MCUF, 1 x SEH, TAS Member.
Equipment Qualified On: Light Assault Gun, Cutlass, Combat Rifleman, Vacc Suit, Ship’s Missiles.

Skills List: Light Assault Gun-2, Cutlass-2, Zero-G Combat-2, Brawling-2, Combat Rifleman-1, Mechanical-1, Vacc Suit-1, Ship’s Missiles-1


Orphaned as a child Vann was forced to fend for himself at an early age until he picked up by a group of extremists in the backwoods of Bendor/Glisten, who forced him to follow their xenophobic rules. Vann always felt that their regime was wrong but what could he do as a child. His life was to change though when the group finally picked on a another extremist group that was stronger than them, left for dead he was finally found by peace enforcers who came to investigate the reports of gunfire and smoke in the woods. Taken into care Vann found himself being moved from one foster home to another, before finally coming of age and being able to join the Marines. His superb physical shape and intelligence soon marked him out as officer material and he passed Officer Candidate School with flying colours.
Vann rose steadily through the ranks finally leaving as a highly respected Marine Force Commander after seven terms.

Vann Colt

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