Tommy Rodak


699996, Marines, three terms. Enlisted in Marine Infantry, transferred to Commando after second term.
Special Assignments: Commando School.
Awards and Decorations: 2 x MCUF, 2 x SEH.
Equipment Qualified On: Combat Rifleman, High Energy Weapons, Cutlass, Vacc Suit, Battle Dress.

Skill List: Combat Rifleman-2, Vacc Suit-2, Cutlass-2, High Energy Weapons-1,
Battle Dress-1, Leadership-1, Mechanical-1


Born on Mora into a rough family Tommy was forced into criminal activities at a young age by his father and older brothers while his mother was too afraid to stand up for him. On his twelfth birthday Tommy was able to escape from his family and spent the next few years surviving on the streets and distancing himself from his family.

At the age of seventeen he discovered that his family had been killed by a group of Vargr corsairs after his family had double crossed the corsairs after a robbery on a space liner, while Tommy felt no sympathy for his father and brothers the loss of his mother grieved him deeply and he swore vengeance on the corsairs if he ever caught up with them.

At eighteen he joined the Imperial Marines spending his first two terms in the infantry before attending commando school and re-enlisting as a commando. During his third term he finally got the chance to exact his revenge, his commando unit was assigned to take out a Vargr corsair lair and during the raid Tommy discovered that they were the same Vargr that had killed his mother. There were no corsair survivors and Tommy now felt he had avenged his mother.

Tommy left the Marines at the end of that term with the rank of First Sergeant and a good collection of bravery awards.

Tommy Rodak

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