Oliver Skyler


5B9C96, Merchants, five terms. Enlisted in Free Traders.
Special Assignments: None.
Awards and Decorations: None.
Equipment Qualified On: Ship’s Boat, Vacc Suit, Auto Pistol, SMG

Skill List: Streetwise-3, Liaison-3, Carousing-2, Engineering-2, Pilot-2, Bribery-1, Broker-1,
Forgery-1, Navigation-1, Ship’s Boat-1, Ship Tactics-1, Vacc Suit-1, SMG-1, Auto Pistol-1


Oliver, real name Ryan Hickston, was born on Tureded the only son of a farming family. Tired of the farming life he ran away from home at 18, changed his name and enrolled in college, after college he signed up on a Free Trader and over his career he worked his way up to the rank of Third Officer. The only member of his family that he is still in contact with is his younger sister.

Oliver Skyler

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