Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

The Lockbox (Part 3 of 4)

Session #1c

Day 4

The night in the cells has not been good for Oliver, the bad food and lack of sleep has left Oliver feeling exhausted and eager to get out of this place. Meanwhile, back in the hotel the others awake feeling refreshed and full after a hearty breakfast. No-one feels it is strange that Oliver has not returned yet, maybe it is taking longer to find the gun dealer than he planned.

In the early afternoon Bucky decides to get out of the room for a bit, and heads out to get a caffeine based beverage from a local vendor while Tommy and Vann spend sometime studying the urn. To confuse any watchers Bucky takes the empty briefcase with him. Two of Kai Wyns ‘associates’ follow Bucky at a distance whilst two others remain in the hotel.

Whilst Bucky is enjoying his drink the two watchers discuss what to do, Kai Wyn has told them to just observe but, here is a chance to get the case and the urn back. So, the two watchers manage to flank Bucky and proceed to attack him, they would prefer to leave him unconscious but they will kill if they have to. What they don’t realise though is that under his coat Bucky is wearing his cloth body armour, which easily turns their first dagger thrusts. As Bucky draws his own dagger he feels a dagger cutting deep into his side, Bucky instantly slashes at the attacker and is rewarded by feeling his blade cut deep into the chest of the man, who staggers backwards giving Bucky an escape route. Bucky grabs the briefcase and runs for his life, heading back to the hotel. Meanwhile, his attackers are drawing attention from the other customers so decide not to pursue Bucky but to run in the opposite direction.

When Bucky gets back to the hotel he lets Tommy and Vann know what has happened before sorting his wounds out with the small first aid kit in the room and some strong painkillers. Later that evening Oliver finally returns having been released with a fine and a strong warning from the police.

Kai Wyn is not a happy man, the stupid and rash actions by his men mean that there is no longer a chance that the group will hand over the relic and his plans to involve the authorities is ruined as the attack on Bucky has cost him the moral high ground in the case.

Day 5

Finally the day of Gamegas arrival comes and the group departs to meet his starship at the starport. Despite feeling quite sore Bucky insists he is fit enough to come along. The trip to the starport is uneventful, though the group do spot Kai Wyn and several of his followers tailing them at a safe distance, though once they are in the starport they quickly lose sight of their stalkers in the crowds.

The flight from Kkirka lands on time and after a little wait the group manage to locate Urkinu Gamega and convince him that they are there instead of Shawn Grey, who they say has been killed. Gamega is shocked to learn about the death of Grey, but he is still a businessman and as long as the group have the item that Grey recovered then he is willing to conclude the deal. He takes the group to a quiet area of the starport and offers them the same deal that he had with Grey, he gives them Cr 5000 for the contents of the case. When he opens the case and sees the contents he gives a cry and staggers backwards before declaring that the urn is a Kai-Laek urn and that the group have signed their death warrants. Gamega then flees from the group and tells them to keep well away from him, inhis haste he has left the urn and the Cr 5000 with the group.

Not really expecting that reaction the group are left a little stunned, but Bucky is the first to recover and he picks up the urn and smashes it on the ground, scattering the contents before striding away.



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