Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

The Lockbox (Part 1 of 4)

Session #1a

Day 1

A couple of days after Wilhelm has left to do his audit and after Oliver has sold the cargo and arranged for a new cargo to be available when Wilhelm gets back, the adventurers are enjoying an evening of ‘entertainment’ in a bar near the starport. Late into the evening the group notice a pale, agitated man enter the bar, dressed in a standard ship-suit the man moves through the bar and seems to be looking for someone. Finally he spots the group and heads straight for their table, the stranger seems to recognize Oliver, though Oliver cannot place where he has seen the man from, and seems relieved that there is someone he knows in the bar. The guy quickly pulls out a key, held on a chain around his neck, and places it on the table.

With several nervous glances the guy says that the key is for a lockbox in the starport, box number 9764-A2, and that inside the box is a package that needs to be delivered to a man called Urkinu Gamega, who should be arriving shortly. He would stay and finish the job himself, but he has been called away on urgent business and has to leave in the morning, so as he trusts Oliver, could they keep the key safe and deliver the package to Gamega when he arrives at the starport. He gets out Cr 500 and drops it on the table and says that they can get another Cr 500 from Gamega when they deliver the package. He seems very reluctant to tell the group anything about the package, other than it is not dangerous and it is only going to be of interest to Gamega, who collects things like that. The guy then seems to get more agitated and finally he gets up and quickly makes his way to the back of the bar, Vann tries to follow him but soon loses him in the crowded bar. The group are left with a key, Cr 500 and an unexpected job to complete. Enquiries with the bar staff about either the man or Gamega draw a blank, with no-one knowing who they are, so with nothing else to do the adventurers settle down to enjoy spending the Cr 500 they have just come into.

Later that night, as the group are leaving the bar, they hear muffled cries for help and the sounds of a fight coming from a nearby alley. Bucky, Tommy and Vann decide to go investigate the fight while Oliver thinks that he might have left something in the bar and ducks back inside. Reaching the alley Bucky and the others are confronted by a body near the entrance in a pool of blood. Turning the body over Bucky discovers it is the guy that gave them the key, he has been stabbed several times and is close to death. Tommy and Vann get the impression that there are several figures hiding in the shadows, but a search reveals nothing. Meanwhile, Bucky attempts to staunch the wounds of their patron, who suddenly raises his head and whispers to Bucky, “Don’t….Look”, with his last breath. A search of the dead man turns up very little, just an ID card and a business card with the name of Urkinu Gamega, on the back of it is a date and flight number. Close to the body and half in shadow Vann finds a strangely curved dagger, stained with blood, carefully he picks it up and tucks it away in his jacket. Leaving the body where it is the group head back to the bar to rejoin Oliver. When Oliver sees the ID card he remembers the name, Shawn Grey, as an engineer on the ship that Oliver worked on, though Grey was only on the ship for a couple of jumps before moving to a different ship. The address on the ID card turns out to be not too far away from the bar, while the flight number corresponds to a regular star liner due to arrive from Kkirka in four days time.

Bucky is keen to investigate Grey’s apartment straight away though Oliver feels that going in the morning would be better, the debate between them gets a little heated but when Tommy and Vann say that they will go with Bucky, Oliver decides to head back to the hotel by himself leaving the others to go to the apartment. What Oliver doesn’t see however are the two shadowy figures following him back to the hotel.

Bucky and the others easily find the apartment block in a seedy area of the city, though getting past the security door is proving to be a little problematic as no-one seems to be answering. Eventually, Bucky manages to get an answer and he and Vann gain entry to the building, though it does cost them Cr 50 each from a demanding resident. Tommy waits in cover outside to make sure no-one follows them in. The apartment is clean and tidy, well it was until Bucky and Vann begin searching it. It takes them about an hour but they manage to find a hidden wall panel, after carefully removing it they retrieve a box filled with papers. After finding nothing else of interest they decide to head back to the hotel, though they don’t notice the four people following them in the shadows.

In a dark warehouse the leader gathers his sixteen followers around him, he is displeased with them and makes sure that they know it. He says that they should have retrieved the key and dealt with Mr Grey before he could involve others in his schemes. Now he is going to have to find some way to negotiate with these strangers before they discover what is in the lockbox, and if that fails then they will have to be dealt with, but for now they must be kept under close scrutiny.



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