Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

The Kinunir of Regina (Part 3 of 4)

Session #3

Ignoring the guards order, Wilhelm and Tommy duck behind a bulkhead and prepare their rifles, whilst Vann remains hidden also behind the bulkhead. The guards decide to advance towards the two people they have seen, but as they are crossing the debris strewn floor Wilhelm peeks out, levels his laser rifle and shoots one of them. The guards flak jacket proves to be no defence against the laser and the guard falls to the ground dead. Tommy now takes a shot at the other guard, but his flak jacket is a little more resistant to the discarding sabot round from Tommy’s Advanced Combat Rifle, and the guard is just lightly wounded. The sound of the single shot is amplified in the confined area of the ship and echoes all around.

Outside the scrapyard, Oliver hears the shot as well and sees the three patrolling guards stop and begin to head towards the derelict Kinunir. He radios the others and tells them to expect more company soon, as he says this the sound of an ACR on full automatic echoes across the scrapyard. Oliver sees that one of the guards is on his radio and that lights have now come on in the security office, even more trouble is to come.

Back in the ship, the second guard is down on the floor, dead, and Tommy and Vann are making their way over to the ramps where they came in, to ambush the guards heading their way. On the way, Tommy stops and calmly cuts the throat of one of the guards on the floor, just to make sure he is dead. Tommy and Vann don’t manage to make it to the loading ramps before another two guards appear, but before the guards can get a shot off at them a burst of fire from both Tommy and Vann cuts the two guards down.

Oliver informs them that the fifth guard is now under the ship and will soon be coming up the ramp, he also says that a sixth guard has now left the security office and is heading towards the Kinunir. The fifth guard suddenly appears on the ramp and manages to get a shot off at Vann, the revolver bullet though doesn’t get past his cloth armor. Vann fires another burst at the guard and downs him. Before the final guard can appear, the group decide to get out of the scrapyard, they quickly exit the ship and make their way back to the fence and back to Oliver. To get back to the starport they decide to take a wide detour to get home, which proves to be a good choice as in the distance they see a couple of police ground cars and a Grav APC heading to the scrapyard.

The following day the group catch a news report about intruders at a scrapyard belonging to General Shipyards, in which two security guards were killed and three others seriously wounded. It says that the local police are currently waiting to question the surviving guards when they recover consciousness. Over the next couple of days it comes to light that the police have got no useful information from the wounded guards and are beginning to widen their search by questioning other staff at General Shipyards. This worries Wilhelm as at least half the group have given their names to General Shipyards employees in connection with enquiries concerning the Kinunir, and it was unclear if Tommy and Vann gave their names when they enquired about the scrapyard.

Bucky has been hard at work on his hacking program and finally manages to get through all the firewalls on the General Shipyards server without it crashing. He manages to download the information from the data archive that the group needs to complete the job for their patron. The executive is contacted and arranges to meet the group in a bar in three days time. In the meantime Bucky spends sometime destroying all traces of his hacking activities, including breaking and burning the computer he has been working on. Though, Wilhelm feels such actions are a little over the top. Wilhelm also announces that he is going to go and begin the audit of the Rhylanor subsector next, as he is finished in Regina. As it will be a long trip and expensive on fuel he is going to carry some cargo or passengers to offset the costs of the trip. As the Aurora will only be able to carry a couple of tons of cargo, it is going to have to be fairly high value goods and if they are carrying passengers then the crew are going to have to share quarters. He says that he will need some help with selling the goods on the planets they stop at, so he will need some help from Oliver, though naturally he will pay Oliver a brokerage fee for his help, which pleases Oliver greatly.

The meeting with the Oberlindes Lines executive goes well and the executive is very pleased with the work done by the group and happily pays over the Cr 200,000, which Wilhelm shares out to the group.



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