Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

The Kinunir of Regina (Part 1 of 4)

Session #1

Once their patron has gone the discussion begins about how they can complete the job. Bucky, Tommy and Vann straight away begin talking about what they will need to interrogate people, and start making a shopping list beginning with handcuffs. Oliver goes off muttering about seeing what his contacts in the local underworld know, and Wilhelm sits there dumbfounded wondering about what sort of people he has got involved with. When Vann begins to ask where they might be able to get hold of some truth drugs, Wilhelm decides to step in and suggests that maybe they should find out what information is available publicly. As Bucky is the most skilled with computers he decides to go and see what he can find out. Tommy, Vann and Wilhelm decide to go check out some of the other bars in the starport to see if they can find someone who might have some information they could use.

Oliver’s contacts come up dry, but say they will put the word out and get back to him. Bucky has more luck and manages to retrieve ship specifications, a list of all the ships in the Kinunir class and the fate of some of the ships that have been lost. When the others return to the Traveller’s Aid Society hostel, where they are staying, they say that they were unsuccessful in finding out anything. Oliver and Bucky sit down and calculate how much fuel would be carried based on the specifications Bucky found, they come up with a figure that actually exceeds the tonnage of the Kinunir class! Later, when the others are asleep, Wilhelm works out his own figures on the fuel requirements and comes up with a total of 1,080 tons, which would only leave 120 tons for drives, weapons and crew accommodation. Wilhelm decides that the public specifications are certainly inaccurate. The next day Oliver and Bucky decide to go and check out General Shipyards to see what they can find there while Tommy, Vann and Wilhelm head back to the starport again.

Bucky and Oliver manage to find a General Shipyards office in the starport and go inside, it is not what they expected though. The only occupant is an attractive woman seated behind a desk typing awat on a computer. Oliver introduces himself but when the woman asks how she can help, he realises that he has no ides what to say and just babbles incoherently. Bucky steps in and tries to pass himself off as a covert naval operative who requires information on a military vessel that had been built by General Shipyards. The stunned secretary says that General does not produce military starships, that all she can do is make appointments for people to go to the shipyard and if he worked for the navy surely they would have the information he was looking for. The logic of these statements throws Bucky into silence, clearly the intelligence of the secretary is superior to Bucky. Oliver gets the ides of actually just making an appointment to see someone at the shipyard, finally faced by someone making sense the secretary makes an appointment for Bucky, Oliver and Wilhelm to see Mr Hansen at the shipyard in five days time. Meanwhile, Tommy and the others manage to find and talk to a retired shipyard worker who had worked on the Kinunir ships produced by General Shipyards. He tells them that from what he remembers the Black Globe Generator was on the drive deck not too far from the pinnace dock. Though, at present, the only Kinunir the group know that is in the Regina subsector is the Gaesh, the prison hulk at Pixie, and that has had all the drives ripped out. The problems with the Gaesh are that getting to Pixie will be time consuming and expensive, and short of getting arrested, breaking into a prison ship will be almost impossible.

Over the next few days the group continue to track down leads and rumours, though the only ones circulating around the starport are in connection with possible Imperial suppression of political opposition. This leads Oliver to think that a civil war is about to break out in the subsector. Bucky decides to make himself useful by trying to hack into the General Shipyards data archive. On the day of the appointment at General Shipyards a car arrives outside the Traveller’s Aid Society to collect them, but only Oliver and Wilhelm decide to go, leaving Bucky to carry on writing his program. The meeting at General Shipyards is short and unproductive, Mr Hansen knows nothing about the building of the Kinunir class and says the previous management team were borderline criminal in their working practices. He then brings the meeting to a close and Oliver and Wilhelm return to the group empty handed. When they get back to their rooms there is a message for Oliver saying that one of his contacts has found a couple of people that might be willing to talk to him, for a price. They are Daniel V Adar and Guy Self, both formerly worked at General Shipyards, Oliver and Tommy decide to pay them a visit in the next couple of days.

The next morning Bucky announces that he has almost finished working on the hack program and should be able to give it a go in the next 24 hours. Wilhelm and Vann decide to give the starport another go for leads while Tommy and Oliver head out to see Mr Self. Tommy slips a pair of handcuffs into his pocket, in case Mr Self proves to be a little unwilling to provide them with the information.

Guy Self was the former Project Manager (Military Division) at General Shipyards, he was a casualty of the board room battle that took place when General pulled out of the military shipbuilding market and narrowly avoided criminal charges for misappropriation of funds. Since then he has only been able to get junior and low paid work, so he greedily snaps up the Cr 500 that Oliver offers him. He tells them that the publicised range of 200 days was pure rubbish and that the Kinunir only had a range of 28 days fuel for the power plant and manoeuvre drives. He also says that the Black Globe Generator was on the port side of the drive section. As they leave Tommy looks a little disappointed that he did not get to use the handcuffs. Maybe next time, he thinks.

Vann and Wilhelm are also having a bit of luck, they have run into a navy veteran who everyone calls ‘Lucky’ Jim. Jim was an engineer on the Allamu, until its last fatal flight, when he had to stay in port because of a fever. Which technically makes him the last survivor of the Kinunir class battle cruiser, Allamu. He puts his luck down to the old maintenance shaft key that he kept from the ship. However, no amount of convincing from Vann will get him to part with it willingly, so Vann decides to try a little drinking contest with him. Things do not go to plan though and Jim soon discovers that instead of whiskey Vann has been giving himself measures of apple juice. So, Jim decides to buy the next few rounds and pretty soon Vann is slumped unconscious at the table. Between Wilhelm and the very drunk Jim they manage to get Vann back to the hostel and into his bed.

The next morning Vann is feeling rather unwell, so decides to spend the day in his room, but Wilhelm shows him a little present, it is the key that Jim had last night. Wilhelm explains that while they were carrying Vann home Wilhelm was able to lift the key out of Jim’s pocket. Tommy and Oliver say they are going to pay a visit to Mr Adar today. Wilhelm says he is going to go and see a contact he made while Vann was having his contest last night. Bucky says he has a couple of final tweaks to make and then he is going to try the program.

Mr Adar is a former designer at General Shipyard who got dismissed as he was an incompetent architect. He never worked on any military vessels, but he does hint that he has something that could be useful. Oliver offers him Cr 500, but Daniel dismisses the offer. So, Tommy quickly steps in with an offer of Cr 2,000 which is gleefully accepted. Daniel hands over a piece of paper with a code written on it, the code he says will access any data archive at General Shipyards but, it will only work from a terminal within the General Shipyards office. Once they leave Tommy and Oliver have a heated debate about the level of the bribe and about just who is going to be paying it. Wilhelm searches a couple of bars and finally finds the shipyard worker he was talking to last night. The guy seems to think that the Adda Dubsar, the last Kinunir built by General, was not scrapped or broken up, but is sat ready for outfitting on a disused slipway at the General yard.

Bucky finally runs his program which seems to work, until it gets caught in a loop and crashes. Obviously, it needs a bit more work. Though, when the others return another plan comes to mind, to break into the General Shipyards offices to get the data there and to look for the hulk of the Adda Dubsar. Bucky and Vann instantly begin to work on a list for Oliver’s black market contacts while trying to find an ingenious way to use their disguise kits.



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