Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

The Kinunir of Regina


Date: 037 – 1105

Whilst out one night celebrating their new found wealth Oliver is approached at the bar by a well dressed gentleman who tries to engage Oliver in conversation. Oliver thinks the guy is a little creepy and so disengages himself from him and goes back to the table the group are sat at and begins to moan about the well dressed weird guy at the bar. A few minutes later the well dressed guy comes over to their table and sits himself down.

He explains he is an executive from Oberlindes Lines and he is looking for a cautious group to perform a discrete job for him. He needs to obtain some data regarding a certain class of military vessel, some of which were produced here on Regina by General Shipyards. The class of ship he is interested in is the Kinunir class battle cruiser. Bucky indicates that he knows of the type of ship but has never served on one, the executive says that serving on one does not matter as the information he needs could be classified more as trade secrets rather than military secrets. Despite repeated attempts he will not divulge why he needs the data or even his name. After a bit of discussion the group decide to accept the job.

The executive says that he has a budget of Cr 200,000 available for the full (and he emphasises the word full) completion of the job, which will be to get accurate data on the capacity of the fuel tanks and to get the exact location of the Black Globe Generator. He says that he can provide pictures of the Black Globe Generator mountings to help them find the location. He also says that to fully complete the job he will need two pieces of evidence for each piece of data to confirm the accuracy of the groups findings. With that being said, he hands a card to Oliver with a communicator code and says to contact him when they have the information. He then thanks them for their time and gets up, leaving the group to finish their drinks and to consider their next move.



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