Adventures on the Edge of the Imperium

Shadows of Yorbund (Part 3 of 3)


Wilhelm tells the group that their destination is Regina, as he has some business with the Scout Administrator and he also wants to report the pyramids as a possible undiscovered Ancient site, with the hope that the scout service will pay them for finding it.

The route back takes the Aurora through Beck’s World, Feri, Roup, Hefry and finally to Regina. By the end of the five week trip the air in the scout ship is smelling pretty bad, a common problem with the Type S Scout/Courier, so Wilhelm says that he will get the scout station mechanics to rip out the old system and replace it with something better, though to perform the task will probably take about three and four weeks to complete once he has bought the parts needed. After that Wilhelm heads off to his appointment with the Administrator.

Meanwhile, Bucky heads off to the University of Regina, where he meets a biology professor who states that his plant and dropping samples are common enough for Yorbund and nothing special. Upon seeing the gold coin however the professor gets a little excited, he says it is a casting coyn used by the Droyne to determine which caste the Droyne belongs to. The professor says that, sadly in his opinion, that individually the coyn has no real value, but a full set of 36 would be worth something to a collector.

When Wilhelm returns he says that the IISS are interested in the site and that he has registered the claim to it, in the names of the crew, in case the Imperium determines that it is an Ancient site. If they do then the crew will be entitled to a substantial reward, but in the meantime the Scout Service have paid a ‘finders fee’ to the group, which Wilhelm happily divides equally between them.



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